Plastic Trays

A vacuum-formed plastic tray can hold the cards, meeples and miniatures in place, even after long distance travel and upside-down shipment. It can also bring premium shopping experience to board game players.

Deck Box

Common in most board games, it is a good way to leave a nice impression on customers. Contact us for more details.

E-Flute Box

E-Flute corrugated box is usually designed for gift packaging or big packaging. We can produce all size and folding methods.

Magnetic Box

We recommend the magnetic box in expand series and kickstarter stretch goals. Contact us for more support for you to make further decisions.

Tin Box

Beside the strong protection for internal objects, the tin box also has value for collection and decoration.

Tuck Box

If you have only cards and instructions, consider this tuck box to save more space and to leave an easy-to-use impression.

Two Piece Box

This is a popular design that goes well with countless board games, and it never become outdated. We prepare abundant precedent example for your reference.



Usually, the booklets are ideal for detailed game guides.

Game Mats

Public game mats can be customized to match your design.


Cardboard (Gameboards) may be used for individual player boards, token storage areas, scoring boards, or any number of purposes. If your game requires a cardboard mat, making it square or rectangular will be the most cost efficient. Special shapes will require a die cut mold which will incur additional costs.

Play Cards

We have a wide range of card stock differing in weight and cores. All can be customized to fit the design.


Precision is what we care, as well as a neat and clean rim from each punchboard, our senior quality management system helps you to win at each detail.



Thousands in different styles of them are in our office, we would have what you want, if not, we can find the source.


Size, shape, color, can all be customized to match your game.


Size, shape, color, can all be customized to match your game. We would like to help you with 3D drawing and sampling first, so as to offer you better experience of working with us.


We have sources of nearly all types of Acrylic gems and stones, Money, Pawns, Plastic discs, Plastic stands, Pouch, Sand timers, Spinners, Tokens. Usually, these classic shapes add posh and upgraded game experience to the board game player.